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Vehicle speed detection system

This research intends to develop the vehicle speed detection system using image processing technique. Overall works are the software development of a system that requires a video scene, which consists of the following components: moving vehicle, starting reference point and ending reference point. The system is designed to detect the position of the moving vehicle in the scene and the position of the reference points and calculate the speed of each static image frame from the detected positions.

The vehicle speed detection from a video frame system consists of six major components:

1) Image Acquisition, for collecting a series of single images from the video scene and storing them in the temporary storage.

2) Image Enhancement, to improve some characteristics of the single image in order to provide more accuracy and better future performance.

3) Image Segmentation, to perform the vehicle position detection using image differentiation.

4) Image Analysis, to analyze the position of the reference starting point and the reference ending point, using a threshold technique.

5) Speed Detection, to calculate the speed of each vehicle in the single image frame using the detection vehicle position and the reference point positions, and

6) Report, to convey the information to the end user as readable information.

The experimentation has been made in order to assess three qualities:

1) Usability, to prove that the system can determine vehicle speed under the specific conditions laid out.

2) Performance, and

3) Effectiveness.

The results show that the system works with highest performance at resolution 320×240. It takes around 70 seconds to detect a moving vehicle in a video scene.