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Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

SIPL Digital offers tools that allow you to automatically identify a vehicle by reading an image of its number plate/license plate. The benefits of such a system are instantly obvious in situations where it is necessary to:

  1. Control Vehicle Access
  2. Monitor Traffic Violations
  3. Track Vehicle Movement
  4. Automate Toll Gates, Weigh-bridges, and Vehicle Test Stations

The existence of a multitude of variations across number plates adds a considerable amount of complexity to the process of reading them. In order to offer a reliable solution in Indian conditions where number plates are far from standardized, SIPL Digital offers two modules that comprise LPR:

Number Plate Extraction:-

In many cases, the number plate/license plate of a vehicle is not affixed in the prescribed location. The Number Plate Extraction tool automatically analyzes an image of the vehicle and locates the position of the license plate and extracts the same and stores it.

Number Plate Reading:-

Once the Number Plate Extraction extracts the license plate from an image of the vehicle, this is passed to the Number Plate Reading module that reads the numbers and characters on the license plate and passes it onto a computer. This module can be integrated with a database for further functionalities.