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Parking Guidance System

Parking Guidance System is one of the most modern and profitable systems around the world. It is suitable for those public indoor parking lots in office building, shopping mall, railway station, airport and hotel, which helps to raise the utilization ratio of parking spaces, strengthen the management and reduce the management cost. Due to its modular structure, the system can be extended any time, but also subsequently installed or grown with the extension of the parking lot. It is a necessary system for hi-tech parking lots, which resolves actual parking difficulties for drivers and pretties up the picture of estates.

Working Principle:-
Parking Guidance Solution consists of three parts: data acquisition system, real-time processing database system and information releasing system. Occupancy of individual parking spaces is monitored by ultrasonic detectors and transmitted to the control center. Arrow displays and special symbols immediately show drivers the right way to free parking space. The management software visualizes the entire parking spaces by large LED display, performs statistical evaluations and directly intervenes in the system, for example, to reserve a parking space, to manually control zone displays or to monitor the parking time of each parking space.
  • Real Time Parking Status Monitor
  • Automatic on-Site Inspection
  • Increase Client Loyalty and Car Park Rotation
  • Optimize Human resources
  • Realize User-Controlled Override and Space Reservation
  • Car Park Utilization Reports
  • Proper Utilization of Parking Space
  • Hassle Free Parking for the Drivers